First Person RTS

Player directly controls 1 elite type unit, anything else is only indirect control.

Player can take 5 different types of actions
1. move
2. attack
3. build
4. order
5. use buildings

So where do the other units come in? That would be using a building produces units.

For the bare bones version you have 4 different types of object
1. Leader unit tougher and stronger then others
2. Minion unit weak, expendable
3. Resource gathering building
4. Unit production building.

Minions would be able to do most of the things the leader can except order but do nothing unless told to do so. They can however be told to repeat tasks(like using the resource building repeatedly to get resources).

first draft of cost/stat structure for example purposes
5 damage
25 health

1 damage
5 health
1 resource to recruit

Recruiting Building
75 health
50 resource to build

Resource Gathering Building
1 resource per holds a max of 100
25 resource to build
30 health

Standard victory, rout (so you could have posthumous victories.)

** I know the specific numbers probably need some work but they are there to show relative values.

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