Players who psychoanalyze MMOs

A while ago about 1996 a man called Richard Bartle wrote about four different types of game players. Today while roaming the internet I came upon a page about my myers-briggs personality type there was a bit about liking systems which really struck me. It was fresh in my head because it was the best way to explain to potential employeers my desire to work with them even if I was interested in the specific end result of their work.

This systems talk made me think of the explorer type and richard bartles article and I wondered about
A) mapping the Myers briggs types to the Richard Bartles player types and
B) if any myers briggs types didn’t fit if there were new categories of game players that were left out.

What do you think? What is your Myer’s Briggs type? How do you fall in Richard Bartle’s System?

I am INTP(though i border T/F) and mostly an explorer

Update: found an online richard bartle gamer type quizz here and here are my results

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