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I want Google to blackout against SOPA

read an amusing idea here.   Stances on piracy aside, SOPA is a bit on the extreme side in how to deal with things. You don’t break out nukes to deal with a kid stealing candybars(unless you’re the RIAA).

random news

Lots of stuff has happened since last post. First of all we found out in addition to registering our business with the state of Georgia we also needed to apply for an Atlanta Business License. That was an adventure in beuracracy itself. Maybe Jame’s will use his writing skills to regale you with the details […]


Me and James got to be one of 39 presentations last week for GRA/TAG. It sounds like alot but considering this is who was left after being cut down from eighty something people I think I feel good about the progress we’ve already made. But the presentation itself, we made them smile, we made them […]

bad business —

We’d just like to get the word out about Cliffski’s plight. He’s an independent developer who is being stiffed on the bill for some games he’s produced. You can read the details in his own words here As a note we only have one side of the story, but Zero-G hasn’t, at the time of […]