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Divination — Fortunes

There is a for fun Divination aspect to our game fortunes where at the end of the game you get a future generated by how the game went. Since the game play is mostly solid yesterday was working on making this a little bit more visual. A problem we ran into is the fact that […]

Fortunes Screenshots

Last weekend I holed myself away at James‘ place and spent the entire weekend working on the Fortunes prototype. Its gotten a little bit more work since then and this is what it looks like currently. Sadly I couldn’t get my video capture working and the stills don’t show off terribly much yet, as there […]

Development #4 — Prototyping!

I’ve taken a short break from working on Marco Polo because of the holidays, but in the mean time have taken time to work on a prototype for the Fortunes game. Using unity for it for the publish to iOS and android options. It may be a bit over-kill but I already know the engine […]

3 predictions for 2012

So I’ve fallen a bit behind with the development updates, things have been hectic for us here work-wise and in regular life. Probably won’t get another update until the 2nd week of january because I’ll be very busy until then. Maybe James will poke his head in and say something, who knows? Until then here […]

Development #3

Slow progress this week I’ve had multiple family events, a wedding and a rehearsal dinner distracting me this week, and getting the logistics involved for both. That combined with the fact that networking is a bit of a weak-point of mine, lead to a little bit of a drudge since last time. MYSQL woes Trying […]

Remember, remember, the fifth of november

Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder, treason Should ever be forgot… It’s been a year since me and James have started things with Cliché. Since then we’ve designed two games for Mercury Retrograde Press, given a talk at playoncon, and produced a prototype for our first android offering. I am looking […]

5 reasons for Cliché

So I want to talk a little bit about why I’m here. Maybe we can get James to talk about his reasoning later. I want to create interesting worlds World building has been a past time of mine before I even knew the term for it. When I was young often in play I would […]


I’ve been working on a real graphical interface for our current game and dealing with some quirks of android in the way of things I’m trying to do. I meant to put up some screenshots a week or two ago but need to borrow a camera or find a way to do screenshots on the […]

Ask Cliche

We’ve added a formspring for anyone that wants to ask us anything but doesn’t want to leave it as a comment to a specific post. You should be able to see it on the sidebar to the right OR you can go directly to the website here: