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I want Google to blackout against SOPA

read an amusing idea here.   Stances on piracy aside, SOPA is a bit on the extreme side in how to deal with things. You don’t break out nukes to deal with a kid stealing candybars(unless you’re the RIAA).

google apps and a new domain

last night me and James got a new domain and google apps set-up. You can access our game studio at instead of This brings the domains connected here up to three with, Fiancee’s), and WordPress multi-site is fantastic.


so recently a couple of different fun new technologies I’ve come across that looked exciting, but I didn’t want to disrupt the Cliche site with have shown up. This site has been a little bit of a test-bed for a few of those things. Some invisible, some spotlighted. The openID signin wordpress plugin has been […]

Multiple Environments

So I’ve been spending alot more time away from home then normal. The biggest effect of this, as far as programming and projects is concerned is not having my desktop setup for working on projects. I got setup to try and run a test on my current big project while over at my girlfriends last […]

Cliche games is alive!

Going to be splitting up posts between here and the company blog now that things are starting to get rolling. Update about what I am currently working on here: inchstone. Check out the site for James’ pontificating as well.