magic:the mechanics –Ripple

Ripple This ability is written Ripple X. When a spell with ripple is cast, its controller may reveal the top X cards of his or her library. If any of them have the same name as the spell with ripple that was cast, then he or she can cast those cards without paying their mana […]

magic:the mechanics — double strike

Double strike A creature with double strike deals both first strike and normal combat damage. For instance, a 1/2 creature with double strike such as Boros Swiftblade would defeat a 2/1 creature in combat and survive, due to destroying it with first strike damage. It would also destroy a 2/2 creature, though be destroyed itself […]

magic:the mechanics — exalted

Hierarchy of helpfulness   Exalted Exalted appears on Bant cards in the Alara block. When a creature attacks alone, it receives +1/+1 until end of turn for each permanent with the exalted keyword that player controls. Exalted is based on the world of Bant where for wars, instead of the bloody massacre we have in […]

magic: the mechanics — absorb

Absorb This ability is written absorb X. If a creature with absorb would be dealt damage, X of that damage is prevented. This ability appears on a single timeshifted creature from Future Sight, Lymph Sliver. Older cards with this ability were not changed to grant absorb. This one is pretty straightforward, works alot like armor […]

splice — magic: the mechanics

So for my first entry to the magic:the mechanics design game I am going to use splice. Splice This ability is written Splice onto (quality) (cost). As a player casts a spell with a given quality, he or she may reveal any number of cards in his or her hand with splice onto that quality, […]

Magic: the mechanics

So awhile ago I came up with the amusing idea of coming up with computer game mechanics based on various magic:the gathering mechanics when I found this list I put this idea on the backburner for awhile until it came back up when hanging out with a friend of mine. I gave him mechanics and […]

Game Development Resources

Recently i have stumbled upon this site, and have found it very useful. A lot of questions I’ve had about some of my back burner projects that I couldn’t really find good solutions to through google I got answered here because I wasn’t searching for the right terms. I’m not a graphics guy, what can […]