Development #1

So I’ve read woot commstoday and they mentioned 5 great reasons to start a developer diary. My favorite of these are staying sane, and feedback. In the past I’ve written slightly more but about more broad general things, the industry and concepts instead of concrete things like what I’m working on. I think that, in […]

Story Players

I saw an interesting video from Extra Credits a while back about the role of the player in our art. This goes hand in hand with the emphasis on world building we want to have here. If we create interesting worlds (or just spaces for some of the less storied entries like Marco Polo) […]

magic:the mechanics — exalted

Hierarchy of helpfulness   Exalted Exalted appears on Bant cards in the Alara block. When a creature attacks alone, it receives +1/+1 until end of turn for each permanent with the exalted keyword that player controls. Exalted is based on the world of Bant where for wars, instead of the bloody massacre we have in […]