Development #3

Slow progress this week

progress we've been making

Please pardon our Progress

I’ve had multiple family events, a wedding and a rehearsal dinner distracting me this week, and getting the logistics involved for both. That combined with the fact that networking is a bit of a weak-point of mine, lead to a little bit of a drudge since last time.

MYSQL woes

database tables

Pictured above, somebody else's tables

Trying to use alternate processing when a player reconnects has lead to some interesting sql errors. Deciphering these is a completely unexpected challenge.


unraveling yarn

This is what it feels like

This last bit has been especially frustrating because it seems like instead of coming together like earlier its falling apart. Its necessary to make the final product better but its still a little disheartening to see the apparent stability of your project decrease as you try and make underlying problems more visible so you can fix them.

Keep on Slogging
In the end I have to remember that I can do it if I keep on slogging.

What about you?
What projects are you working on? How are they going?

About Imani

I am a Georgia Tech Alum living in Philadelphia. I am a software engineer by trade and am trying to start a game company in my free time.

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