Intricacies of Binding volumes

Been having a lot of trouble with an adjustment we’ve been trying to make to our Edge game, just deserts. The win condition is supposed to be when you’ve covered the desert with fauna and I have the plants as a circle of foliage around where you planted them. I was checking for victory by periodically raycasting down onto the board and seeing if I could hit the board but this was coming up true in some very wierd situations. I tried many things including changing unity’s collider trigger settings futzing with layers and various head aches for multiple days.

Today I tried changing the colliding volume from a cylinder(what matches the model) to a box. It works now.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

About Imani

I am a Georgia Tech Alum living in Philadelphia. I am a software engineer by trade and am trying to start a game company in my free time.

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