so recently a couple of different fun new technologies I’ve come across that looked exciting, but I didn’t want to disrupt the Cliche site with have shown up. This site has been a little bit of a test-bed for a few of those things. Some invisible, some spotlighted.

The openID signin wordpress plugin has been a failure, at least with my multi-site setup and other .htaccess redirects already pre-existing.

Recently I’ve pocked around at SnapEngage and they have a very exciting product. Basically if I’m online and I haven’t messed up the configuration I can chat with visitors to the site, if they so desire. If you see a little pop-up while you’re reading this don’t worry, I don’t see anything unless you respond. The first message is automated.

Bitcoin is also in the news and I’ve gotten myBitcoin.com to actually let me sign up(they were down when I tried last week). I am now the proud owner of 0.02 bitcoins!

Got my major Map API issues worked out for Marco Polo, hoping to get a functionally complete version done by the end of june, and then polishing can commence!

Going to part with another experiment, a bitcoin donate button. Just want to see how It’d work here.

About Imani

I am a Georgia Tech Alum living in Philadelphia. I am a software engineer by trade and am trying to start a game company in my free time.

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