hosting conflict

There are some conflicts going on with my hosting at the moment so depending on how this goes the site may vanish for a day or two. everything is backed up so it shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

Game Development Resources

Recently i have stumbled upon this site, and have found it very useful. A lot of questions I’ve had about some of my back burner projects that I couldn’t really find good solutions to through google I got answered here because I wasn’t searching for the right terms. I’m not a graphics guy, what can […]

I’m sorry, you haven’t researched post titles yet.

I, like many other people, bought starcraft 2 recently. I was pleasantly surprised to find in addition to the purchased upgrades in the armory there was also a research “tree” in the laboratory. Now I use the term tree loosely here since it didn’t really branch but it is at least as much of a […]

Google Wave and Game Map

All of you have probably already heard about google wave’s impending shut down. Unfortunately one of those projects I was planning on getting back to when I had more time, the game map, was built around google wave. Since google wave is shutting down the Game Map project will move from on hold to abandoned.

Artemis' Last Stand

The following is a (very) short story I wrote as part of the world building for a game idea that is on the back burner right now. The people of the village began to notice strange things happening around Artemis. They were frightened and confused. They liked Artemis, but what she was doing was hurting […]

Bought and Sold

Working on a design with my friend J. It will be a simple economic game inspired by the old trade wars from bbs days. I’ve had a lot of short starts and over-ambitious projects and need to step back, and finish some simpler ones first. I know the work I’ve done on more complicated things […]

GamePaper kickstart

A friend of mine pointed out an interesting kickstart project: There’s only a day left for the kickstart project so go support this guy.

test of new comment system

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ggda & SIEGE

Went to a volunteer meeting for SIEGE this past weekend. Intended to just do mindless labor to get more free time during the conference me and my friend get their early and they are discussing an internship project working on the ggda website. Long story short I am going to be volunteering time on the […]

Players who psychoanalyze MMOs

A while ago about 1996 a man called Richard Bartle wrote about four different types of game players. Today while roaming the internet I came upon a page about my myers-briggs personality type there was a bit about liking systems which really struck me. It was fresh in my head because it was the best […]