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Economy ideas from bitcoin

I am thinking if some aspects of the model of bitcoin could be adapted for a game economy. In particular the way mining works. We could have some sort of surveying skill with a chance to find a vein, with a fixed amount capable to be found. The more people that are out mining the […]

magic:the mechanics — exalted

Hierarchy of helpfulness   Exalted Exalted appears on Bant cards in the Alara block. When a creature attacks alone, it receives +1/+1 until end of turn for each permanent with the exalted keyword that player controls. Exalted is based on the world of Bant where for wars, instead of the bloody massacre we have in […]

Magic: the mechanics

So awhile ago I came up with the amusing idea of coming up with computer game mechanics based on various magic:the gathering mechanics when I found this list I put this idea on the backburner for awhile until it came back up when hanging out with a friend of mine. I gave him mechanics and […]

Artemis' Last Stand

The following is a (very) short story I wrote as part of the world building for a game idea that is on the back burner right now. The people of the village began to notice strange things happening around Artemis. They were frightened and confused. They liked Artemis, but what she was doing was hurting […]

Still alive

Work has consumed me a little bit past few days, but its good to have work again. I have been looking at overlord to see if I want to borrow anything from it as far as control schemes are anything. The story behind it is much more entertaining then I expected it to be. I […]

First Person RTS redux

So I’ve been messing around in the little bits of free time I have recently working a little on the idea I posted about awhile back. Here is an update of work so far. Forgive the crude models, I’m not an artist.

First Person RTS

Player directly controls 1 elite type unit, anything else is only indirect control. Player can take 5 different types of actions 1. move 2. attack 3. build 4. order 5. use buildings So where do the other units come in? That would be using a building produces units. For the bare bones version you have […]