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Bitcoins & the Future

I think one big step that needs to happen for bitcoins to become more viable is to be able to use them without being at a desktop/laptop. I want to make a bitcoin android app as I haven’t seen one available, but don’t have the time with work & Marco Polo. Perhaps sometime after I […]

Work update

It’s been a busy few months. I’ve Started up a little design game to try and get myself to post here at least once a week. Besides that I’ve been going through the process for starting up a corporation with my buddy James. Hopefully we can cheaply put together some small projects that can make […]

Bought and Sold update

Me and James are preparing to pitch bought and sold at Siege this coming week. I’ve had a fun time moving my site and my girlfriends and getting us both set up on multi-site to make sharing hosting a little bit easier. Figured out roughly what I’m going to use to do the server end […]

Artemis' Last Stand

The following is a (very) short story I wrote as part of the world building for a game idea that is on the back burner right now. The people of the village began to notice strange things happening around Artemis. They were frightened and confused. They liked Artemis, but what she was doing was hurting […]

Still alive

Work has consumed me a little bit past few days, but its good to have work again. I have been looking at overlord to see if I want to borrow anything from it as far as control schemes are anything. The story behind it is much more entertaining then I expected it to be. I […]

First Person RTS redux

So I’ve been messing around in the little bits of free time I have recently working a little on the idea I posted about awhile back. Here is an update of work so far. Forgive the crude models, I’m not an artist.

Event Sync ready

The Event sync application is finally to a usable state. Unfortunately it still has some minor issues when goDaddy’s service hiccups but there is nothing I can do about that. You can find it here: event sync app

Event Sync nearly there

So everything is fine except one thing. The Time. When the event gets sent to Google Calendar it is exactly three hours ahead. I think this may have to do with the fact that Palo Alto, where facebook is located, is three hours off from my time zone. Will have to get someone in a […]

Updating Event Sync

So I’ve started work on the Event Sync facebook app some more last night and got up to creating a user interface displaying information about the events and including checkboxes so you could choose which ones to move to google calendar instead of it just changing everything. Unfortunately facebook and regular html forms are not […]