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Bought and Sold update

Me and James are preparing to pitch bought and sold at Siege this coming week. I’ve had a fun time moving my site and my girlfriends and getting us both set up on multi-site to make sharing hosting a little bit easier. Figured out roughly what I’m going to use to do the server end […]

and we’re back

Almost settled at the new host. Trying to get my site and my girlfriends which share a hosting space to work nicer with each other and it caused some initial setup headaches but things should work much nicer now going forward. I still have some minor cleanup to do around here but the major stuff […]

hosting conflict

There are some conflicts going on with my hosting at the moment so depending on how this goes the site may vanish for a day or two. everything is backed up so it shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

Making Progress

Got everything settled in location but moving broke some of my programs I’ve made. some libraries I was using didn’t like being moved off to a separate lib folder and other such things. Fixed Event Sync but the Game Map google gadget is still having issues.

Rebuilding site

I’ve been in the process this weekend of moving my site and unfortunately had some database issues when I tried to back stuff up from it to move it. Since I didn’t have too much up yet I thought it would be easier to start over then try and get my previous free hosting’s backup […]