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ludum dare complete!

I finished my first Ludum Dare. My submission here:

mount & blade & ludum dare

So I’ve got some non-cliche stuff going on for a change here. One thing is I’ve taken on an slightly insane task. I’ve been messing around with the mod engine for mount and blade and it requires python. So I downloaded python and started going through the instructions. After encountering several hiccups it turns out […]


I know my posts here have dropped off a lot since I started working on the Cliche Studio stuff and the website there. I’m going to attempt to import my posts(which are only half the story over at the cliche site) over here to share with people that are following me here but not over […]

New Design forthcoming!

Greetings, readers of Biomancy! My name is Gina Luttrell,and I’m the lead designer of DesignsbyGina. Anthony has asked me to help him with a site redesign, to give Biomancy a more biotech feel. I’m incredibly excited about this project, and I’m confident you will be too. Part of the process is going to include intermittent […]


A while back I read an interesting post about games made for the blind. I suggest you go ahead and read it, don’t worry I’ll wait. This sounds like a boon for the blind and visual impaired, but I think that these kinds of cues could be useful for sighted players as well. Let’s jump […]

neat ideas in the corners of the web

I found a coulpe of different interesting little ideas today one of which was a site called Flattr Especially relevant because this remind me of the book I am currently reading, Down and out in the Magic Kingdom Flattr has a very interesting parallel to the “Whuffie” used in the book.

Magic:the Mechanics –Haunt

Haunt Haunt appears on creatures, instants, and sorceries. When a creature or spell with haunt would be put into a graveyard, instead it is exiled “haunting” a creature. Haunt allows a player to use an effect twice: once when the spell is played (or the creature enters the battlefield), and once when the creature it […]


When I started working on our current project(I’ll wait until James thinks its a good idea to announce it to say what specifically it is). I was thinking let’s start on the most visible part first. Thinking that if there was something to show off it’d be helpful in gaining support. Minor problem with this […]

Holiday breaks and lack of (visible) activity

Lots of Holiday and other special day stuff going on recently. Sorry I let the weekly mechanics design game lapse. The whole getting out of the habit because of thanksgiving caused a greater lapse. Also been working on starting up a company with my good buddy James. James has been writing about our company exploits […]

Google Wave and Game Map

All of you have probably already heard about google wave’s impending shut down. Unfortunately one of those projects I was planning on getting back to when I had more time, the game map, was built around google wave. Since google wave is shutting down the Game Map project will move from on hold to abandoned.