Economy ideas from bitcoin

I am thinking if some aspects of the model of bitcoin could be adapted for a game economy. In particular the way mining works. We could have some sort of surveying skill with a chance to find a vein, with a fixed amount capable to be found. The more people that are out mining the […]

Bitcoins & the Future

I think one big step that needs to happen for bitcoins to become more viable is to be able to use them without being at a desktop/laptop. I want to make a bitcoin android app as I haven’t seen one available, but don’t have the time with work & Marco Polo. Perhaps sometime after I […]


so recently a couple of different fun new technologies I’ve come across that looked exciting, but I didn’t want to disrupt the Cliche site with have shown up. This site has been a little bit of a test-bed for a few of those things. Some invisible, some spotlighted. The openID signin wordpress plugin has been […]