New Design forthcoming!

Greetings, readers of Biomancy!

My name is Gina Luttrell,and I’m the lead designer of DesignsbyGina. Anthony has asked me to help him with a site redesign, to give Biomancy a more biotech feel. I’m incredibly excited about this project, and I’m confident you will be too.

Part of the process is going to include intermittent periods where the site looks kind of crazy. Please pardon my dust, as I will try to keep the bugs to a minimum.

Here’s a quick preview of what you’re in for!

About Gina

doesn’t like labels, but if you must apply one to her, “renaissance woman” fits best. Her greatest love, however, lies in Philosophy and Political Science, and she received her bachelors in those fields from Agnes Scott College in May 2011. It’s okay if you’ve never heard of it. No one has. After obtaining her degree, she moved from Atlanta to Philadelphia in January 2012 to start work at her dream job advocating for civil liberties (on college campuses, no less). Among her many interests and hobbies, Gina also writes, blogs, sews, studies Taekwondo, cosplays, designs and codes websites, designs graphics, draws, cooks, bakes, reads, philosophizes, and experiments in a manner of other activities that she hasn’t gained enough skill in to talk about yet. Gina will blog about anything at any time in any place, so expect the unexpected. She will, however, try and keep blogs about Paleo or Libertarianism to herself, as she maintains separate spaces for those. Last, but not least, Gina loves dragons. You have been warned.

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